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the_rightwriter's Journal

Because we exist, too.
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A comm for those of us on the right side of the political spectrum.
Writing is a lonely business. It can be even lonelier when it feels like you're the only one on the right side of the political spectrum doing it--or, at least, the only one on the right side of the political spectrum on LiveJournal doing it. If that's you, then welcome.

This is a place for posting snippets, industry news, writing advice, questions about markets, questions about writing...anything to do with writing, really.

Membership is open for now, as is posting. That could change with events, so play nice, y'all, okay? Also, it is strongly advised that you lock any posts you make with your fiction in them. The default for the comm is unlocked, so this will be your responsibility. Remember that "published" in an open blog is "published" electronically, and first rights are gone if you post an entire story in an unlocked post.

Problems, questions, rotten eggs? Your free-and-easy maintainer is agilebrit, and you can contact me via email here, or via Yahoo IM at "agilebrit" as well, or you can leave a comment on this post.